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Andrea's Keynote Address Titles

Professional Practice Homicide: How you treat your patients, clients, guests and members could be killing your reputation and profits. Rescue measures for professional practices, agencies, and associations. (Soon to be a book.)

Empathy as a Marketing Tool in the Professional Practice (dental, medical, chiropractic, veterinary, legal, etc.). A simple concept that works.

The Undercover Client:
Learn what I see and experience when I become your patient, your guest, your client. You may be astonished… and disturbed.

Transform Your Specialized Knowledge into A Six-, Seven- or Eight-Figure Advice Empire. It's possible, if you're willing to think and act as a smarter entrepreneur.

Make An Effort: It's in Your Best Interests. The astonishing results of my 16-year, fully disclosed experiment.

Foot-Shooters Among Us: Are You Working Against Your Own Best Interests?

Benefits of having Andrea Reynolds as your speaker

I have some benefits to offer you that most other speakers don't have. Here's my list. See what you think:

1. Low maintenance. I'm a veteran speaker, having been paid to speak since 1979. I have also mentored speakers for many years and negotiated contracts for them as a speaker agent from 1991 to 2008, so I know the ropes from both sides of the table. I know the questions to ask and many ways I can best help you to have a most successful and memorable event. I don't need hand-holding, but I'm happy to assist you if you are new to organizing events and hiring speakers. I'm good at both seeing the big picture and handling the small details. This leaves you more time to attend to the less-experienced or high maintenance speakers.

2. Affordable. Don't confuse affordable with low cost. My fees are mid-range and I'm worth every penny. What I'm saying is that I can give your group a number of creative ways to afford my fee. There should be no way you will have to reject me as a speaker based on fee.

3. Available in an emergency. Because I choose to not have a fully-booked, speaking schedule, I can be available in a day, and sometimes in 4 to 6 hours, when you need me to fill in for a scheduled speaker who has fallen ill or has been stranded.

4. Frugality. I'm not a prima donna who needs flowers and champagne in her room. I don't run up a big room service bill or expect First Class Airfare. In fact, I dislike flying and would prefer to drive. See #7 below. (The more I see of our country the better.) Taking the train is another option because I get to read and talk to other people en route to you.

5. Citizenship. I can work in both Canada and the United States with no immigration problems. I hold United States citizenship as well as Permanent Resident Status in Canada. I can accept payment in both Canadian and US currency, and maintain bank accounts in both countries. (I have a US Social Security Number and a Canadian Social Insurance number.)

6. Promotion. For several decades, I promoted authors, speakers and practitioners and was able to generate publicity in the national and international press, and book appearances on national television and radio for both clients and myself. If you would like me to promote my appearance in advance of your event, I'm happy to do that to increase interest and attendance.

7. Transportability. I own a Class B motorhome (photo below) to travel in which allows me to bring my own lectern, whiteboard, stool, handouts, and books. All I need on arrival are a place to park, access to a shower and a source of electric power. If the weather is nice I can even hold private consultations outside under the awning.

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Some of Andrea Reynolds' Past Audiences

ASSOCIATION CONFERENCES (all are paid presentations)
Administrative Management Society
Association of Contract Employees
Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario
Bluewater Management Seminar (Sarnia, Ontario)
Canadian Association of Women Business Owners (national)
Canadian Association of Women Executives (national)
Canadian Automatic Vending Machine Dealers Association (national)
Canadian Cosmetic Careers Association
Canadian Institute of Management (national)
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (national)
Certified General Accountant's Association of Ontario (provincial)
Federation of Women Teacher's Associations (national)
Hamilton Home Economics Association
Industrial Marketing Research Association Of Canada (national)
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (provincial)
Junior Farmers Association of Ontario (provincial)
Meeting Planners International (Canada/Toronto)
Mississauga Business and Professional Women's Club
Ontario Dental Association (provincial)
Ontario Education Association (provincial)
Peel Woman's Teachers Association (Principals, Vice-Principal, Trustees, Administrators)
Professional Secretaries International (Toronto)
Special Libraries Association (national)
Toronto Credit Women International
Toronto Home Economics Association
Women's Economic Forum of Windsor

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ontario Ministry of Labour and Employment

CORPORATIONS (all are paid presentations)
Currie Coopers and Lybrand (Management Consultants)
Impressions Personal Image Corporation
Life Management Institute
Manufacturer's Life Insurance (Toronto)
McCall Pattern Company (Canada)
Northern Telecom Canada Ltd.
Practical Development Seminars (Mississauga ON)
Principal Consultants Ltd. President's Club (Victoria BC)
Shoppers Drug Mart "Thanks a Billion"
Upjohn HealthCare Services

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (all are paid presentations)
Centennial College
Humber College
Neill-Wycik Co-operative College
Shaw Colleges
York University MBA Program

SCHOOLS (all are paid presentations)
Crash Courses
Dale Carnegie Training
Jane Junior High School (North York Board of Ed.)
The Skills Exchange
The Network for Learning
The Learning Annex
Toronto Board of Education
York Board of Education

CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS (all are paid presentations)
The McGill Women's Club (Toronto)
Beth Tikvah Synagogue (Toronto)

ERIE PA AUDIENCES (all are paid presentations)
Chautauqua Institution Writer's Day (New York)
Erie Forge and Steel Management
Hamot Women's Health Connection (Hamot Hospital)
National Association of Insurance Women - Erie (Erie Insurance headquarters)
NonFiction Writer's Network
The Women's Center of Erie

COMMUNITY GROUPS (unpaid presentations)
Scarborough Bluffs Rotary Club

DESIRED AUDIENCES depending on the topic
Independent professionals and practitioners:

  • Accountants

  • Architects

  • Attorneys

  • Authors

  • Chefs

  • Chiropractors

  • Consultants

  • Dentists

  • Engineers

  • Financial, Investment Counselors

  • Management Consultants

  • Meeting and Event Planners

  • Nurse Educators

  • Physicians

  • Private Investigators

  • Professional Organizers

  • Psychologists

  • Psychotherapists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Sociologists

  • Speakers

  • Veterinarians

Complimentary evaluations Andrea Reynolds has received

"I have known Ms. Reynolds for two years. During this time she has successfully taught several classes at the Hamot Women's Health Connection. She is creative, well-organized, and self-motivated. [She] has consistently received excellent evaluations from students." Laurel Swartz, Program Director, Hamot Women's Health Connection, Erie PA

"Andrea Reynolds has not only developed her left brain and her right brain equally well, but trained them to talk to each other."
Vinod Busjeet, Ph.D., The World Bank, Washington DC

"Where others see the world in black and white, Andrea Reynolds sees the world in blazing technicolour."
Robert J. Brown, London Polytechnic Institute, London England

"Thank you for your participation in our meeting on Saturday. We had considerable feedback after the presentation on how meaningful it had been to the audience."
Dale Carnegie Courses

"I would like to extend our thanks to you for your thought-provoking presentation. Your topic sparked great interest among our members."
Special Libraries Association of Canada

"Thanks for participating in our recent annual meeting. This topic added a new dimension to our educational program which is usually very clinically oriented. It did stimulate some interesting discussion."
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

"Your topic stimulated a great deal of interest as the large attendance showed."
Canadian Association of Women Executives

"Your presentations helped create one of the best conferences yet."
Junior Farmers Association of Ontario

"Your topic was well received by those in attendance. I hope we can work more with you in the future."
Industrial Marketing Research Association of Canada

"The feedback I got about your talk was very favourable. We certainly learned a lot from you."
Currie, Coopers & Lybrand Management Consultants

"You were just super last evening. You made your points clearly, and on the elevator I heard nothing but praise."

"Andrea is an excellent teacher. Keep her teaching."
Learning Annex student

"Thank you for such an enlightening and relaxing day. You gave us such positive feelings. I came away feeling anything is possible."
Private seminar participant

"I left feeling stimulated, saturated, satisfied, and ready to act."
Seminar participant

"I thought your presentation was excellent, extremely professional and informative. I wish you were a little closer to Australia."
Training program participant

"The course was taught superbly and Andrea is highly professional. She was very communicative and knowledgeable."
Consulting seminar participant

"It's been a pleasure participating and sharing the tremendous amount of information you have accumulated for this tremendous course."
Consulting seminar participant

"More! Her course is invaluable, practical, down-to-earth."
Learning Annex student

Photos of Andrea (and a little inside info) Click here.

Fee Schedule for Speaking

Local Events: Within 200 miles of Erie PA
Keynotes... up to 90 minutes --- $5,000
Half-day workshop --- $8,000
Expenses: Travel --- Negotiable

United States and Canada
Keynotes... up to 90 minutes --- $7,500
Half-day workshops --- $10,000

Expenses: Travel (Eastern/Central Time Zones) --- $500-1,000
Expenses: Travel (Atlantic + Newfoundland Time Zones) --- $750-1,500
Expenses: Travel (Mountain + Pacific Time Zones) --- $1,500 -2,000

Additional Rights
Audio recording --- 50% of fee
Video recording --- 75% of fee
Consulting --- rates on request

Deposit: 50% of Speaking Fee with signing of agreement

Questions (FAQ) about Andrea's speaking

1. Will Andrea speak for no fee for our non-profit organization?

That depends. If yours is a local organization for which I have a strong affinity I may consider accepting a very small honorarium. My limits is two per year so I pick those events very carefully.

2. Will Andrea speak for the exposure?

No. Speaking is my livelihood. As for exposure, I owned a PR and publicity business for 30+ years and know how to generate press and media attention very well. I have been quoted in major newspapers and magazines and appeared on national radio and TV many times so "exposure" isn't a good substitute for payment for me. Also, because I also speak about earning income and retrieving money, and I help audience members make more money and recover their money, it is only fitting that the organization hiring me allow me to do the same.

3. How far will Andrea travel?

All you have to do is ask. I would travel across the planet to speak to an audience that I feel passionate about on a subject that I am passionate about, and that pays me well. And I gravitate toward those invitations where I can visit my favorite places: Washington DC, Baltimore, Toronto, North Carolina, Nashville, etc.

4. Would Andrea be willing to help us publicize her appearance at our event?

In most cases I would be prepared to do a few advance interviews with friendly interviewers to increase attendance. However, as a person who promotes kindness I prefer to avoid hostile interviewers.

Booking Inquiries