What's The Undercover Client?

Who is
Andrea Reynolds?

The Undercover Client name is really a misnomer.

There's no need for me to hide my identity. You see, even when I reveal upfront that I'm
The Undercover Client and that I'm writing about how I'm treated in a book, blog, article or social media, it doesn't change the way I'm treated as a paying observer of your practice, your hotel, your service business or your professional organization.

I'm a little like a mystery shopper, but for professional practices like doctors, dentists, lawyers, stockbrokers, property managers and realtors; service businesses like hotels, agencies, and even professional associations. I go undercover,
except to the person who hired me within the organization –usually the owner, but not always – and observe as a real customer, client, patient, member or guest and then present a report. Yes, I pay for the services out of my own pocket.

The two traits I look for in the professionals I observe: integrity and empathy. As a paying client or patient I see and hear things in your practice that you don't know about. I tell you what your other patients, clients, tenants, guests or members won't tell you. Even if your staff knows I'm undercover, I still see things that should disturb you.

My intention: To show professionals and service providers how they can treat their patients, clients and customers with more consideration, courtesy, kindness and empathy. Both to make more money and to show those who pay you that they matter and are important. And, hey, isn't that what we all want? Be good to the people around you and the money will follow.

My Desired Clients: Physicians, veterinarians, dentists, lawyers, chiropractors, realtors, physical therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, pastors, accountants, funeral directors, hotels, professional associations, homeowner associations, property management companies.

I want to see your practice-agency-service increase its profit by increasing its integrity, "fun" factor, and fan base. I'll show you how.

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UPDATE (Nov. 15, 2016): Correct Phone Number is (814) 431-9278

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My Fee for Services: $3,000 per half-day, $5,000 per day for assignments within 250 miles. See my Policy page for more information.

Book an appointment with me to see how your business or professional practice comes across. This service includes travel time and expense, waiting, actual appointment, written and verbal reports. Yes, appointments are real and, yes, I pay for the actual visit from my own pocket (not with insurance). A PayPal Payment button for a $600 deposit appears above. The balance is due upon delivery of the report.

Not ready for the full program? Want only a 30-50 minute phone or office consult? $600 per person for 30 minutes. A PayPal Payment button for a $1200 office consult appears above. This amount must be prepaid.

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