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NEWS RELEASE: November 2016

Could your staff’s – or your - behavior be sabotaging your service business or professional practice?

[ Erie PA ] Are we getting lazy – or uncaring or dishonest – as a nation of service providers?

Andrea Reynolds thinks so. You've heard of the TV show Undercover Boss... well, Reynolds is The Undercover Client. She writes a blog and is also the author of dozens of how-to books including JumpStart Your Creative Genius and OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers.

The Problem: She keeps hearing from other people like herself who have been mistreated and/or cheated out of money they paid to "professionals" who did shoddy work, or no work, and disappeared, leaving them without funds to hire someone else to do the job right.  Reynolds: “We hire professionals to eliminate a stress in our lives; but some professionals we pay cause us additional stress. That’s not right.”

Reynolds decided she would solve the problem by helping the fraudsters'
competitors become the good guys. No lawsuits; she would make their rivals incredibly successful so the bad ones just go out of business.

Inspired by the TV show, 
Undercover Boss, and Mike Holmes ("Make it Right"), Reynolds works with practitioners and service business owners showing them how to do right by their clients and patients. 

In her former life as a public relations consultant and business protocol expert, Reynolds’ clients were physicians, dentists, chiropractors, attorneys, accountants, realtors, and consultants. Then, with the observation skills of a trained investigative journalist, Reynolds became the paying client of professionals, and has observed and blogged about her experiences. And the stories are often disturbing.

Her Solution: Her blog isn't only for venting her frustration with sloppy work or bad behavior, but using those experiences when teaching average businesses and practices exactly HOW, step by step, to strive for excellence, which will help them increase patient/client satisfaction and, ultimately, their profits. When retained, she becomes the company's client (or patient), reporting her findings, both good and bad. 

As soon as she can sell her two houses, Reynolds will take to the road in her tiny motorhome and become a peripatetic consultant, meeting with practitioners all over the United States and Canada, and speak to associations, colleges and conferences. And if she lands in your town you may have an opportunity to pick her brain over lunch. 

The Undercover Client (Andrea Reynolds) can be reached through her website,

Sidebar: If you provide a professional service, ask yourself these 12 questions:
1. Do I sometimes (or often) treat my staff/employees with disrespect and lack of appreciation?
2. Do I give orders to my patients or clients without identifying or explaining options to them?
3. Are any of my patients, clients or staff waiting for an apology from me?
4. Do I need to refund payments to some of my patients or clients for work I did poorly or didn't finish?
5. Am I more concerned about my bottom line than I am about serving my patients and clients well?
6. If I really think about it, do I lack the competency to do my work to the level of excellence my clients and patients expect from me?
7. Do I really hear my clients and patients, or do I ignore their needs just to get the job done and move on to the next job?
8. Have I knowingly done sloppy work for an older person or single female, because I know he/she won't dispute the word of a professional like me?
9. Have I knowingly charged a senior or woman far more than I would charge a man for the very same service?
10. Have I knowingly told a client or patient that more repairs or work were needed than was true?
11. If I had hired someone just like me to perform the work I do, would I be pleased or displeased with the work I paid for?
12. If my patients/clients issued me a report card would they give me a passing grade, a failing grade... or a gold star?
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(270 words) Copyright Andrea Reynolds, 2015-2016.

"If people wanted me to write more warmly about them, they should have behaved better." --Author, Anne Lamott

Some self-defeating behaviors Andrea Reynolds, THE UNDERCOVER CLIENT, has experienced.

These are not Reynolds’ past clients, but they should consider hiring her or booking her to speak to their organization or at their next meeting: 

1. An Erie PA 
real estate agent tinkled in the toilet and flushed during her return phone call to me. I could hear everything. I didn’t hire her.

2. A 
bank manager in Girard PA refused to let me open an account because she felt anyone from out of town with cash to deposit must be a drug dealer.

3. A 
physician in Girard PA charged me $45 for taking my blood pressure. When I asked for an explanation of the charge, he added another $25 to my bill... twice.
4. A Fairview
veterinarian required that I sign a full-page release absolving the practice of all blame if anything went wrong with their treatment, but wouldn't let me have a copy of it.

5. An 
RV dealer in Erie PA refused to show me the inside of any RV – on 3 different attempts - despite the $10,000 check for a deposit I had in my pocket.

There are many more... If you want to know the details, hire her to speak to your organization... she’ll spill the beans. 

Who is Andrea Reynolds? 
Andrea Reynolds is a pioneer in the field of building advice empires. Since 1979 she has mentored and promoted hundreds of consultants, experts, best-selling authors, practitioners, spokespeople, and specialists. She has been retained by clients as far away as London, Cairo, Dublin, Sydney and Singapore; and by Fortune 100 and Financial Post 100 companies. 

Andrea's objective is to increase her clients' credibility, visibility, and level of prestige, so that target markets seek them out and they need never knock on doors. To maintain her own visibility she often becomes her own client. Andrea continues to market her expertise by using the same methods she taught her clients. 

She has hosted talk radio and appeared as a guest expert on countless Canadian radio shows including 
CBC's Morningside with Peter Gzowski, and Basic Black with Arthur Black. She appeared on Frost Over Canada hosted by British interviewer Sir David Frost and appeared multiple times on Breakfast TelevisionLunch Television, ShirleyThe Dini Petty Show, and 4 programs on the Life Network. 

Reynolds has authored numerous books, manuals, reports, and booklets, published 5 newsletters and multiple blogs, written for national magazines and newspapers, led seminars, and addressed many professional and business associations. 

An outspoken critic, Andrea has been quoted in periodicals: 
Time, USA Today, The Globe and Mail, National Post, The Korea Times, The Financial Post, Canadian Business, Canadian Living, and Sales and Marketing Management

She has critiqued candidates for Canadian Prime Minister and Premier of Ontario for Canadian Press wire service, 
The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun and The Globe and Mail

Her first book received a tongue-in-cheek Connie Award from
Canadian Business Magazine "for outstanding contribution to Canadian Capitalism."  END