This is customer service?

Originally posted on Facebook, Dec. 30, 2016. I repost here with the writer's permission.

I just wanted to share my friends' experience at Fred's Furniture.

Looking for chairs and small dining table for nursing home at
Fred's Furniture in Erie. Came through the door pushing Mom in a transport chair and two men at the back of the store watched us without moving. (No one else in the store.)

Long story short, they didn't want to work with us and one made some type of comment to the other that caused them to look at us and laugh. I didn't catch it but Mom did and was hurt by their behavior. So we left (again while they watched us struggle through the door from the back of the store).

A big thanks to John V. Schultz in Erie who welcomed us, helped us, was patient and kind and eventually sold Mom one lift chair (Siegfried's, her boyfriend), one rocker recliner (Mom's) and a small dining table with two chairs. All at a discount and delivered directly to their rooms at the nursing home in Kingsville, Ohio for the same cost of delivery within the city of Erie.

Customer service must include kindness, patience and a non-judgmental attitude toward appearance. Where has this type of customer service gone?

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Fred's Furniture responded:

Hi Andrea,

I just became aware of the event that happened on Dec 30th. I am sorry I personally did not reply sooner. I would like to personally apologize to the customer.

I am disappointed that anyone from my staff would make a person feel unwelcome and/or embarrassed. I reviewed the tape and sat down with the employee scolded him. In addition, I have talked to each employee about the event and made them aware this absolutely unacceptable.

We pride ourselves with our loyal customer base and don't like bad reviews of any kind. I hope that there was some sort of misunderstanding in the event. Someone definitely should have been there to help the women in the door. Period.

As my employee wrote earlier we do like to give our customer time to look around. We haven't received any negative feed back on for "lack of customer service". We do a lot of work with different youth, family and behavioral services and judgment is definitely something we try very hard not to do. Because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

You do have some really good points and I appreciate your feedback.