What I do
As an independent consultant and journalist since 1979, I help professionals, practitioners like you and service businesses like yours increase profits by showing you specifically how you can treat your patients, clients, and staff
like VIPs. Through the programs, presentations, and consultations I offer, I can also help you expand your audience without increasing your time commitment.


Who I serve
If you are a partner or principal in a law firm, accounting firm, architectural firm, management consulting firm, medical practice, dental practice, veterinary practice, engineering firm, real estate brokerage, or a psychologist, residential construction company, electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, property management office, etc., I will show you better ways to serve your clients and patients, effectively, ethically and authentically, that will bring you greater income, greater personal satisfaction, and more time for personal pursuits.

How well do you know the answers to these 6 questions?

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Self-Defeating Behaviors I have observed.

1. Is your business attracting – or repelling – clients, customers, patients, members, good employees, tenants, guests?

2. Do you treat your patients, clients, tenants, guests the way
they want to be treated? Are you sure?

3. Are you aware of how your
staff treats your members, guests, tenants, clients, customers, members?

4. Are your staff knowingly overcharging clients and patients? Are you sure?

5. Are you doing your patients, clients, customers, tenants, members harm? Are you sure?

6. Are you truly sensitive to their needs or do you only believe you are?

If the answer to one or more of these questions doesn't sit right with you, let me help you change your business or practice for the better. Hire my skills, wisdom and experience, to find out and report back to you. Just tell me your concerns and I'll book an appointment with you at your earliest convenience.

Many professionals -- owners, managers, and staff -- are simply not aware how their behavior may be negatively impacting the people they serve, and that can negatively impact your bottom line... or whatever is most important to you. When you begin to notice symptoms – a decline in revenues, a decline in traffic, a decline in thank you letters; an increase in complaints (or silence) – that's the time to bring me in. I'm the unbiased third party who can point out where small, but significant, changes will make for better human relations, and better revenues, too.

Contact me for a quick consult or to book an appointment to have me observe your business operation as your client or patient.